Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery Lists the Costs and Fees for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Sydney, New South Wales (getonlinepr) March 16, 2021 – With an increase in dental health awareness, the number of cases for wisdom teeth removal in Australia is seven times higher than in other countries. Extraction is the best cure for painful wisdom teeth in Sydney, and when left unattended, it can cause a lot of trouble.

Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery is limited to wisdom teeth removal in Sydney alone. Wisdom teeth surgery can be simple or complicated, depending on the impaction of the wisdom teeth. The health professionals at Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery perform wisdom teeth extractions at an affordable, pre-established flexible fee.

When asked about this, “We are a team of health professionals that noticed very high prices among Day Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgeries in Sydney. After years of market research, we realised that one of the main difficulties to lower the price was the large scope of procedures performed. Some surgeries have been complex or taking a long time, where others were simple and performed very quickly. Surgical Wisdom Teeth Removal is a procedure carried out on a very average time, especially when performed by experienced oral surgeons,” explained the spokesperson of Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery.

He also continued, “By limiting our Day Surgery to Wisdom Teeth removal only, we were able to lower our fees significantly and help a lot of patients. Especially the ones without private health insurance. After a Medicare rebate, it’s possible to have the help of a specialist anaesthetist in our facility for as low as $85 out of pocket.”

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Sydney to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed is $970. Price and costs for wisdom teeth extraction depend on the complexity of each tooth removal and the time allocated to have the surgery performed. Depending on the case, surgeons performing wisdom teeth removal in the Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery charge from $225 to $375 for each Wisdom Tooth Removal in Sydney.

“We are able to offer great fees to patients and attract experienced professionals to work with us. We have agreements with surgeons enabling us to offer wisdom teeth consultation for free. We are also able to offer fees with our anaesthetists ranging from $320 to a maximum of $375. The Specialist Anaesthetist fee has a rebate from MEDICARE of around $250, and patients end up paying as little of $100 dollars out of their pocket after the rebate.”

“We understand that the primary concern of our clients is getting affordable wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. Hence, we focus our specialisation in catering your wisdom teeth concerns and make our services affordable,” concluded the spokesperson.

About Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery:

Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery, a team of health professionals, limits their care to wisdom teeth removal only and performs wisdom teeth extractions at an affordable, pre-established flexible fee. Visit https://wisdomteethsydney.com.au/ for more information.


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