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Sydney, NSW (getonlinepr ) April 9, 2021 – The ultimate goal of No Gap Dentists is to be able to reach out and help all those patients in needs who have sat back in confusion about their oral health. The high cost of surgery has been making patients wait for too long and avoid necessary dental check-ups until it is too long. No Gap Dentists, headed by Dr Paulo Pinho, has set out on a mission to bring low-cost oral treatment and high-quality surgeries at affordable prices.

When asked about this, “Our number one goal is to make sure each and every one of our patients receive the highest quality of care at affordable prices. All our prices and fees are disclosed to patients upfront at the beginning of our consultations and exams. We don’t recommend fancy surgeries. We will give you the best quality care when it is really needed. After all, that’s what should matter,” replied the spokesperson of No Gap Dentists.

No Gap Dentists offer high quality digital dental implants in Sydney from renowned medical manufacturers. The cost of a dental implant crown is $1350, the best deal among Sydney dental implant clinics.

They also specialise in wisdom teeth removal in Sydney, and the maximum price the patients have to pay for the removal is $970.

“Our processes are the best and cheapest when it comes to wisdom tooth removal in Sydney. We also entertain health and dental insurance that will cover your wisdom tooth removal costs. Medicare insurance too takes care of part of the fees,” said the spokesperson.

No Gap Dentists also specialises in cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening in Sydney and invisible braces. Their highly professional and skilled team of dentists offers teeth whitening packages at just $375 in a relaxing environment. They provide both in-chair teeth whitening and prescribed at-home teeth whitening kit.

Their invisible braces in Sydney are available at $1650 for both arches, and it’s a great investment for a lifetime of smiles.

“Among a range of favourite brands, we can find invisible braces in Sydney that satisfy your requirements, budget, and lifestyle. We also give interest-free instalment programs so that attractive new smile you want could be more available than you think. They are easy to use and simple to remove,” concluded the spokesperson of No Gap Dentists.

About No Gap Dentists:

No Gap Dentists provides low-cost dental treatment at $99 as an alternative high-cost dental care treatment in Sydney. They offer low-cost oral treatment and high-quality surgeries at affordable prices. Visit for more.

Contact Details:

Contact Name: Paulo Pinho


Level 11, 33 York Street,
Sydney, NSW,
Australia – 2000

Phone Number: 1300 320 881


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