Insurance Brokerage Advises Dispensaries On Loss Of Income During Coronavirus

Los Angeles, California ( getonlinepr) March 26, 2021 – MFE insurance, a Michigan cannabis insurance brokerage, has recently released a new informational article that discusses how cannabis dispensaries can minimize loss of income during the COVID-19 pandemic. The new blog can be found on the firm’s website. The insurance company has designed this article to give some very helpful tips to businesses on how they can get creative to continue to bring in income while minimizing the loss of profits and employees.

The MFE Insurance team offers some very valuable tips for dispensary owners who are experiencing profit losses and helps to explain some ways to keep things going and how to adjust during these strange times. They draw from their experience helping provide coverage for dispensaries and ensuring that even during unforeseen circumstances, their coverage can help businesses stay afloat. The firm is proud of its ability to provide comprehensive coverage and a helping hand for their clients who may be struggling during this difficult transition into quarantine.

In the article, the insurance experts offer some helpful tips for dispensary owners including how to implement delivery services, estimate losses, protect payroll, and safeguard mortgages or leases.

These tips are designed to help businesses adjust to the new standard practices that many competitors will be employing to keep things going during COVID-19. The goal is to help dispensary owners feel more in control of their business and maintain peace of mind that they will continue to thrive even in these uncertain times. MFE Insurance believes in educating business owners and lending a helping hand so that you can focus on running your business.

The insurance firm offers a variety of different insurance packages for dispensaries and are designed to support any size operation From general liability to product insurance, MFE insurance is here to get your back and ensure you are protected when it matters most. With this new article, they hope that dispensary owners will understand there are ways to continue to bring in business during the COVID-19 pandemic and that their coverage plans can give you an even larger safety net.

Contact MFE Insurance today at 213-266-7990 or visit their website at to learn more about their coverage plans. Their offices are located at 1019 E. 4th Pl in Los Angeles, CA.


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